Franchising Program

Franchise Development Program


Franchise Development Program is “stage-specific;” designed to methodically instruct you how to franchise your business. The flow of the delivery of our services is described in the chart below. During the first quarter, as the attorney prepares your Franchise Disclosure Document, we will be offering you instruction on strategic planning, elements of leadership, management, and operational and financial structure. Meanwhile, all of the information and knowledge in the production of the FDD will be compiled for insertion into your franchisee Operations Manual and your eventual Corporate Operations Manual.

The same process will continue, quarter to quarter, as we deliver the remaining services and products involving marketing, sales, franchisee training, business support systems and our proprietary, web-based, Support Management System™.


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To provide the highest level of experienced consultation utilizing our Comprehensive Learning Modules during your franchise development program. This will ensure that we prevent you from making 33 of the most costly mistakes in the early stages of your franchise organization.


Franchisee Development Program

Services Include:

  • Learning Modules (Weekly sessions to fully develop your strategic plan, franchisee “business arrangement” within your franchise agreement)
  • Franchisee Marketing Strategy
  • Franchisee Sales Training Certification
  • Franchisee Training and Support System
  • Financial Management Training

Training will be conducted at our corporate office in Petaling Jaya.

  • Franchisor Agreement
  • Area Development Agreement
  • Compliance Programs (Registration and Renewals)
  • Business Format Manuals (A comprehensive Table of Contents will be provided to develop your franchisee’s Business Operations Manuals.)
  • A comprehensive Table of Contents will be provided to develop your Corporate Operations Manual, which outlines your internal standard operating procedures.


Due to the nature of learning how to build and manage each department of your franchise company, intensive focus on training is a core value of our company. Just as franchisees cannot learn business operating system through telephone and video training.


We view consulting as a separate business discipline within your Franchise Development Program. Strategic planning, organization, structure, compensation, marketing, training, operations, support, communication, distribution and IT are all aspects of financial management.

You cannot build a franchise company by just advice. You must be shown how to do it (interactive and classroom training). Unless you are willing to do this, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Our program has been designed to offer you the highest level of personalization, affordability and experience. Our low-cost structure maximizes the return of our franchise clients.

“The right relationship is everything.”